domingo, 15 de enero de 2012


Ahora que el proyecto RADIO MINIATURA termina, hemos recogido en este vídeo nuestra experiencia en ese maravilloso proyecto.

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Evangelina dijo...

Dear children,

I am really impressed with all your job. Watching your video, I have realised about all the effort and hard work you have done. But the best of everything, is that this project wouldn't have been able with all your cooperation and team work. THAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING. You have had the great oportunity to participate in one of the best projects in the school, and as I hear you, I can see that yo have been discovering what COOPERATION is. Maybe you don't know, but with this, yo will inspire other children, other teachers. Actually, you have already inspired me. Remember, that, none of us is important. However, ALL OF US TOGETHER are important. And working just a little piece, when you sit down with the rest of the members in your group, you discover that everything has sense... like the little pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. A little piece on his own, has no sense. When all of them are together, something beautiful and incredible appears in front of your eyes.
CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF YOU, and KEEP GOING!! And of course, thanks María to make it possible. You have inspired me as well.