martes, 24 de abril de 2012

Olimpics in the school

Do you remember when you studied the Olimpics in school? Was it boring? Well, for the students of Hernan cortes it surely wasn't.

From 18 of april to 20 of april of this year the students of Hernán Cortés had their fifth olimpic week on school. This three days weren't studiying, these days were exclusively dedicated to sports.

The 18 of april they did a big march around talavera passing the torch to their companions until they reached the sport centre, they come in with the rest of the pupils and set the fire. All the students were there, also some icons of sport. There was a speech and then the students came back to the school to prepare for the next day, in wich they were going to the athletes track, there were sports and races, even the most little ones came to do sports.

And finally the 20 of april there were some games as archery, mini-football, and some games of disabled kids with disabled kids, activities to experiment the difficulties the disabled have in their daily life in a fun way and learn morals.

After these days of fun and sports... back to school!

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